Mana; the life-giving force, the magic-forming essence, the soul-specifying vibration of medium.
It is here to harmonize the disproportionate energy between all the points of the universe and unite them as one.
One and all.

These sounds in the form of mana are here to heal, to teach and to lead.

The mana will come to one nine times, illuminating the form of sound flow individually.
The monthly cycle reflects the necessities of reality-tuning according to the past, present and future sounds of now.

The sounds of mana. From now, until now.

(music by poo | artwork by Ľuboš Auda)

Chapter 01: The Importance of the Journey

Chapter 02: Collapse of Elements

...and then retreat into the void...

Chapter 03: They Are Coming

Chapter 04: Communication Difficulties

In loving memory of John C. Lilly

Chapter 05: Atavistic Resurgence

Chapter 06: Antimatter Principles

Chapter 07: Green Face Pareidolia

Chapter 08: Self-Devouring Infinity

Chapter 09: Turning Point of One